Current status:

Emotes CLOSED | Regular CLOSED

♥ Please read the Rules and Terms of Service before commissioning

♥ Commissions are for personal, non-commercial use only. For commercial inquiries, please send an email to



I will contact you thru the provided e-mail/Twitter when I accept your commission. Please ensure you can be reached thru your provided methods.

♥ No messages will be sent if your commission is declined.

NO-TOLERANCE PESTERING POLICY: Begging or asking for a lower price, pestering about accepting/declining a commission, or when a commission will be complete (unless I have not contacted you in some time) will result in an automatic declining of commission or cancellation without refund if in progress.


I reserve the right to decline or cancel any commission for any reason. If commission has already been paid and I feel I am unable to deliver, a refund will be issued.

Refunds are available as follows:

Not Started: Full refund

Sketch done: 50%

Lineart/Coloring: 25%

Complete: NO refund


Commission will be complete within 1-3 weeks of successful payment unless noted otherwise. You may ask about progress only if this deadline has been exceeded and I have not made contact first.

I will provide a sketch/draft where applicable for approval. Low-resolution/cropped updates are available upon request, however I reserve the right to decline if you are asking too frequently.


All commissions are NON-COMMERCIAL, PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may use your commission as an icon or on a banner with credit. Emotes may be used for their intended purpose on Twitch.TV, but may not be made into merchandise or other commercial products without permission.

I retain all rights to my artwork unless otherwise agreed upon. I reserve the right to post and present any and all artwork online unless otherwise requested.

♥ Reposting is allowed with CREDIT and/or a link back to my page/social media.

♥ Do NOT edit any artwork.

Do NOT claim any artwork as your own.


I will not draw the following: Mecha, NSFW, Bara, Furry, Gore, Eldery

All of the following are OK: Original Characters, Fan Characters, Fanart, Animal ears/tails, Android (small/simple mechanical components), Mild Gore (blood, small cuts, etc.), Suggestive/Mild NSFW (lingerie, mild nudity, etc.), and real people (may decline).

MUST provide reference images/photos WITH YOUR FORM.

Payment must be made UPFRONT. I will send an invoice to the provided Paypal e-mail upon acceptance.

I will not start your commission until payment has been received.